Air Force One Movie Cast and Characters (1997)

Air force one movie

Get ready for a gripping airborne thriller as President James Marshall faces a high-stakes game of survival onboard Air Force One. Released in 1997, this action-packed film takes you on a tense journey filled with political intrigue, suspense, and a fight for the highest office in the land at 30,000 feet.

In 1997, there was a movie called ‘Air Force One.’ It’s a thriller about politics and action directed by Wolfgang Petersen, and it has famous actors like Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. The story is about some bad guys who take control of Air Force One, and the President tries to save everyone by taking back his plane.

The movie did well at the box office, making a lot of money—$315.2 million all around the world. People liked it, and critics gave it good reviews. It was one of the top movies in 1997 and even got nominated for two Academy Awards, but it didn’t win any. The nominations were for Best Sound and Best Film Editing, but ‘Titanic’ ended up winning those.

Movie Plot

Air Force one

US and Russian Special Forces team up to capture General Radek, the leader of a rebellious neo-Soviet regime in Kazakhstan with nuclear weapons. After the mission, President James Marshall praises the success but faces a hijacking of Air Force One by Radek loyalists led by Egor Korshunov. They take hostages, including the president’s family, and demand Radek’s release. Marshall, hiding on the plane, communicates secretly with his team, trying various tactics to regain control.

Eventually, Marshall and his advisors trick the hijackers into lowering the plane for a fake refueling, allowing hostages to parachute to safety. However, the plan is discovered, and the situation intensifies. Korshunov forces Marshall to arrange Radek’s release, but Marshall cleverly turns the tables, eliminating the threat. The plane faces further challenges, including an enemy attack, severe damage, and a traitorous Secret Service agent.

In a daring rescue, a Special Operations Command team arrives, saving Marshall and his family. The damaged Air Force One crashes into the Caspian Sea, but Marshall and his loved ones are safe, with the rescue team now named Air Force One.

 Cast Of Air Force One Movie 

Harrison Ford as President James Marshall:

Harrison Ford

Popular US President and family man.

Loves his wife, Grace, and daughter, Alice.

Decorated helicopter rescue pilot, Vietnam veteran, and Medal of Honor recipient.

Speaks reasonably fluent Russian.

Attempts to retake Air Force One during the hijacking to rescue everyone.

Gary Oldman as Egor Korshunov:

Gary Oldman

Ruthless Radek loyalist and terrorist ringleader.

Believes the Soviet Union’s collapse has ruined his country.

Leads the hijacking of Air Force One.

Erroneously named Ivan Korshunov in the end credits.

Glenn Close as Vice President Kathryn Bennett:

Glenn Close

First female Vice President of the United States.

Commands the situation in the White House Situation Room.

Wendy Crewson as First Lady Grace Marshall:

Wendy Crewson

Wife of President Marshall.

Liesel Matthews as Alice Marshall:

President’s daughter.

Paul Guilfoyle as White House Chief of Staff Lloyd Shepherd:

Chief of Staff.

William H. Macy as Major Norman Caldwell:

United States Air Force, military aide to the President.

Dean Stockwell as Defense Secretary Walter Dean:

Defense Secretary.

Elya Baskin as Andrei Kolchak:

Korshunov’s best friend, trusted lieutenant, and pilot.

Levan Uchaneishvili as Sergei Lenski:

Korshunov’s henchman and communications expert.

David Vadim as Igor Nevsky:

Korshunov’s henchman.

Andrew Divoff as Boris Bazylev:

Korshunov’s henchman.

Ilia Volok as Vladimir Krasin:

Korshunov’s henchman and close friend from the Soviet-Afghan War.

Xander Berkeley as Secret Service Special Agent Gibbs:

Head of the Presidential Protective Division.

Hijackers’ mole.

Never revealed as the inside man.

Alan Woolf as Russian President Stolicha Petrov:

Russian President.

Tom Everett as National Security Advisor Jack Doherty:

Executed by Korshunov, the first hostage to die.

Jürgen Prochnow as General Ivan Radek:

Military dictator of a rogue terrorist regime in Kazakhstan.

Captured by a joint Russian–American military team.

Awaits trial for crimes against humanity.

Erroneously named Alexander Radek in the end credits.

Donna Bullock as Deputy Press Secretary Melanie Mitchell:

Executed by Korshunov, the second hostage to die.

Michael Ray Miller as Colonel Axelrod:

United States Air Force, pilot of Air Force One.

Carl Weintraub as Lieutenant Colonel Ingraham:

United States Air Force, co-pilot of Air Force One.

Spencer Garrett as White House aide Thomas Lee:

White House aide.

Bill Smitrovich as General William Northwood:

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Glenn Morshower as United States Secret Service Agent Walters:

Secret Service Agent.

David Gianopoulos as United States Secret Service Agent Johnson:

Secret Service Agent.

Dan Shor as Notre Dame aide:

Aide at Notre Dame.

Philip Baker Hall as Attorney General Andrew Ward:

Attorney General.

Richard Doyle as Colonel Bob Jackson:

United States Air Force, Air Force One Backup Pilot.

Willard Pugh as White House Communications officer:

Communications officer at the White House.

Diana Bellamy as White House switchboard operator Pananides:

White House switchboard operator.

Don McManus as Lieutenant Colonel Jack Carlton:

F-15 “Halo Flight” Leader.

J. A. Preston as Major General Samuel Greely:

President Marshall’s commanding officer during the Vietnam War.

First to anticipate that Marshall is battling the hijackers.

Michael Monks as Assistant White House Press Secretary:

Assistant White House Press Secretary.

Step aboard the iconic Air Force One with the stellar cast of the 1997 blockbuster. Led by Harrison Ford as President James Marshall, the film features Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, and an ensemble cast portraying characters entangled in a high-stakes hijacking. Discover the gripping performances that made ‘Air Force One’ a cinematic classic.

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