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Dear David’: Cast, Trailer, Plot, and Everything We Know

Hey, there’s a new spooky movie called ‘Dear David.’ It’s directed by John McPhail, and it’s about a Twitter story by Adam Ellis. The main actor is Augustus Prew, and some other actors like Andrea Bang, René Escobar Jr., Cameron Nicoll, and Justin Long are in it too. This movie is made by both BuzzFeed Studios and Lionsgate Films, which is their third project together.

Coming out this autumn, the scary movie ‘Dear David’ is based on a famous Twitter story by artist Adam Ellis. The film tells the story of a made-up Adam who gets haunted by a ghost kid named David. David has a part of his head missing because of a mysterious accident that killed him. He starts doing scary things around Adam’s home. Adam’s boss tells him to post about it online, which makes Adam go a little crazy. Here’s what we know about ‘Dear David’ so far

Dear David Release Date

At first, the movie was supposed to come out in 2022, but they changed it, and now it’s coming out on October 13, 2023

Dear David Plot

Dear David is a movie based on a famous Twitter story from 2017. It’s about a guy named Adam who works at BuzzFeed. In the movie, he gets haunted by a ghost kid named David because of some problems with people online. But in the original Twitter story, Adam gets haunted because he asked David too many questions in his dreams. The movie might be different from the Twitter thread, and we’re not sure how much they’ll stick to the original story.

Who’s In the Cast of ‘Dear David

  1. Augustus Prew as Adam Ellis
  2. Justin Long as the head of BuzzFeed
  3. Andrea Bang
  4. René Escobar Jr.
  5. Cameron Nicoll

Dear David (2023) Cast List

Augustus Prew as Adam Ellis

Augustus Prew

Augustus Prew is an English actor known for movies like “Kick-Ass” and “About Time” and TV shows like “The Borgias” and “Preacher.” In “Dear David,” he plays Adam Ellis, a comic book artist haunted by a ghost child because of online trolls.

Justin Long as the head of BuzzFeed

Justin Long

Justin Long is an American actor and comedian famous for movies like “DodgeBall” and “Die Hard 4.0” and TV shows like “Ed” and “New Girl.” In “Dear David,” he’s the boss at BuzzFeed who tells Adam to keep his “Dear David” story going, even with all the weird stuff happening.

Andrea Bang

Andrea Bang

Andrea Bang is a Canadian actress known for her roles in “Kim’s Convenience” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” She has a mysterious role in “Dear David.”

René Escobar Jr.

René Escobar Jr

René Escobar Jr. is an American actor known for his work in “Arrow” and “The Flash.” He also has an undisclosed role in the movie.

Cameron Nicoll

Cameron Nicoll

Cameron Nicoll is a Canadian actor known for “Anne with an E” and “Locke & Key.” His role in “Dear David” is still a secret.

In “Dear David,” the cast features a mix of experienced and new actors. Augustus Prew seems like a good choice for Adam Ellis, and Justin Long is always entertaining. We’re curious to see what Andrea Bang, René Escobar Jr., and Cameron Nicoll’s characters will add to the story.”

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