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Everybody Dies by the End Cast, Plot, Release date, Trailer, and Everything we know

Everybody Dies by the End” is a funny and spooky American movie from 2022. It’s about a group of people making a movie, and strange and scary things start happening to them. The movie is special because it looks like it’s real footage, which makes It feel real. It also has jokes about movies and knows it’s a movie.

Some people liked the movie a lot because it’s different and funny, like “The Blair Witch Project” and “Paranormal Activity.” But some people didn’t like it because it’s slow at the beginning and can be too silly.

Everybody Dies by the End Release Date

In general, “Everybody Dies by the End” is a good scary movie for people who like this kind of movie. It first shown at FrightFest in August 2022 and will be available to watch on September 22, 2023.

Everybody Dies by the End Plot

A small team of people is making a movie with a famous director named Alfred Costella. They’re recording everything that happens while he makes his final film. This could be a very interesting and suspenseful movie because it shows how a scary movie is made and suggests that creepy things might be happening on set.

Costella is known for being a bit unusual and demanding when he makes movies, and this one is his biggest project yet. He has hired a small group of talented actors and crew members and wants this movie to be his best.

The team is working very hard and feeling a lot of pressure. Weird and scary things are starting to happen. People are disappearing, and there are rumors that something bad is affecting the movie.

As the movie gets closer to being finished, the team gets more and more stressed. They can’t tell what’s real and what’s not anymore. They’re scared that Costella’s movie might actually be more than just a story.

Here are some ideas for what could happen in the movie:

The team starts looking into the rumors about a curse on the movie. They find out that Costella has a dark history and has done some strange things.

Team members start having weird dreams and seeing things that aren’t there. They get more and more worried about each other.

Some team members go missing, and when they’re found, they’re hurt in a very bad way. Others die, but it’s not clear how it happened.

Costella starts acting even more strangely and being really tough on the team. It seems like he’s enjoying their suffering.

The team figures out that Costella’s movie is not just a scary story. It’s like a ritual, and they’re all part of it.

The team has to find a way to stop Costella before he finishes the movie, or something terrible will happen to all of them.

This is just a basic plan, and the movie makers can decide to go in different directions. But I think it has the potential to be a very scary and suspenseful movie.

Cast List Of Everybody Dies by the End

  1. Vinny Curran as Alfred Costella
  2. Bill Oberst Jr. as Willy Wilson
  3. Brendan Cahalan as Grant
  4. Iliyana Apostolova as Alison
  5. Ian Tripp as Calvin
  6. Joshua Wyble as Mark
  7. Ryan Schafer as Howard
  8. Caroline Amiguet as Laura
  9. Paul Fisher III as Cornelius
  10. Alan Vazquez as Slater
  11. Amber Grayson as Red Shirt
  12. Oscar Perez as Red Shirt
  13. Carl Wyble as Red Shirt
  14. Bob Wyble as Red Shirt
  15. Sam Sprague as Red Shirt
  16. Nathan Chapman as Simon
  17. Anthony De La Cruz as Det. Hills
  18. Seton Edgerton as Theo
  19. Mickey Farhat as Crew Member
  20. Jason Hughes as Mr. Feet
  21. Kenneth Long as Crew Member
  22. Beto Ochoa as Stage Hand
  23. Luke Anthony Pensabene as F.B.I. Agent
  24. Wendy Tripp as F.B.I. Agent
  25. Raquel Trivino as F.B.I. Agent

Here’s a simple explanation of each person in the 2022 movie “Everybody Dies by the End”:

Vinny Curran

Vinny Curran

Vinny Curran plays Alfred Costella: He’s a famous horror movie director who makes weird movies. He’s making his last movie, which is a big deal.

Bill Oberst Jr.

Bill Oberst Jr.

Bill Oberst Jr. plays Willy Wilson: He’s a very experienced actor in Costella’s last movie. He helps other actors and tries to keep everyone calm.

Brendan Cahalan

Brendan Cahalan

Brendan Cahalan plays Grant: He’s a young and eager actor in Costella’s last movie. He’s excited but also starting to have doubts.

Iliyana Apostolova

Iliyana Apostolova

Iliyana Apostolova plays Alison: She’s a young actress in Costella’s last movie. She’s happy to be in a big movie but is seeing strange things.

Ian Tripp

Ian Tripp

Ian Tripp plays Calvin: He’s a guy who makes videos and is filming Costella and his team while they make the last movie. He wants to show what’s happening behind the scenes.

Joshua Wyble

Joshua Wyble actor

Joshua Wyble plays Mark: He’s a sound guy working on Costella’s last movie. He’s quiet but having weird dreams.


Ryan Schafer

Ryan Schafer actor

Ryan Schafer plays Howard: He’s a person who helps with equipment on Costella’s last movie. He likes to joke around but feels something is wrong.

Caroline Amiguet plays Laura: She does makeup for Costella’s last movie. She’s nice but is starting to see Costella’s dark side.

Paul Fisher III plays Cornelius: He’s a stuntman in Costella’s last movie. He’s tough but thinks Costella is going too far.

Alan Vazquez plays Slater: He’s an assistant working on Costella’s last movie. He works hard but is feeling the pressure.

Amber Grayson, Oscar Perez, Carl Wyble, Bob Wyble, Sam Sprague, and others play “Red Shirts”: These are characters who usually get killed in horror movies.

Nathan Chapman plays Simon: He’s a cameraman working on Costella’s last movie.

Anthony De La Cruz plays Det. Hills: He’s a detective looking into a crew member’s disappearance.

Seton Edgerton plays Theo: He’s a mysterious person who seems to know things about Costella’s movie.

Mickey Farhat plays Crew Member: He’s a member of the movie crew.

Jason Hughes plays Mr. Feet: He’s a strange character only seen from the feet down.

Kenneth Long plays Crew Member: He’s another crew member.

Beto Ochoa plays Stage Hand: He’s a person who helps with the stage for Costella’s movie.

Luke Anthony Pensabene plays F.B.I. Agent: He’s an FBI agent investigating a crew member’s disappearance.

Wendy Tripp and Raquel Trivino play F.B.I. Agents: They are also FBI agents investigating the disappearance.

In “Everybody Dies by the End,” a diverse and talented cast brings an array of characters to life, adding depth and intrigue to the film’s suspenseful plot. From the eccentric director to the unsuspecting crew members, each actor contributes to the movie’s unique atmosphere, making it a captivating and memorable cinematic experience.

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